White Caps

Podcast Series

A collection of the short films that have been presented to date.

A selection of the video trailers theatrical productions.

A series of podcasts that document, firstly the epic production of White Caps (episodes 1 - 5), and secondly the team touring the show in North America and Europe (episodes 6.1 - 6.4) & India (episodes 7.1 -7.4)

--- Notes From the Crew:

Tom Berry – 2nd Camera

“What made White Caps such a joy to work on was the fact that the editor, camera operators, sound recordists, and many of the runners who worked on the film had grown up dancing together. The rain, the cold, the dogs walking themselves onto the set, the mountain climbs, and the ridiculously early starts would have scared off many freelancers who might have been eager to finish the job early and get home. Amongst friends these challenges were usually a cause for humour, and we certainly stayed until the job was done.

What sticks in my memory? Joel bringing urban flavour to the Welsh mountain ranges with his totally impractical Nike man-bag, curious wild horses in the New Forest, previously under-appreciated thermoses, and the stunning colours of a very cold English winter.”

Contains short film collection, trailers from stage productions and white caps documentary podcasts.

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